Collection of 3 twisted neck Torzal guitars.

Keep Playing.

Featuring an ergonomic neck design with up to 35 degrees of twist, the Torzal Natural Twist is the most comfortable bass ever created, as well as one of the most beautiful.

Available Inventory

5-String 35˚ Torzal Natural Twist Neckthrough is available for purchase right now. A stunning maple neck with a swamp ash and maple body which is completed by a stunning Macassar Ebony Fingerboard.

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Why the Twisted Neck?


The patented Natural Twist design exhibits a radical departure from traditional guitar design by twisting the neck, bringing the strings toward a more natural hand position at each end of the instrument. Rotating each end of the instrument in the direction of the hand creates a neck plane that models the natural motion of the hand as it reaches outward.

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Injury Prevention & Pain Relief

As a bass player, you know that playing can place significant strains on your nerves and muscles, with sometimes serious and long-lasting effects. That’s why the Natural Twist was specifically designed to reduce hyperflexion, ease unnecessary stress, and fit the contours of your body in the most natural way.

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Playing Efficiency

Our Natural Twist is a guitar design that offers a more seamless interaction with the human body. The ergonomic design increases the efficiency of the hands, wrists and arms, so you can keep playing.

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Photo of bass player Andrew Pressman

Andrew Pressman

Touring Bass Player

My Torzal basses are killer. I get every sound I want from either of them. Playability is effortless. The Torzal Twist is an eloquent and progressive design, allowing for a more relaxed left hand and wrist. Jerome Little is a leader in modern electric bass design. His build quality is top notch.

Photo of bass player Lior Ozeri

Lior Ozeri

Bass Player

The bass is ridiculously good. I'm pretty much playing it exclusively in all sessions and shows, and gets compliments by all engineers I've worked with. The twist is literally a life saver. I'm playing in average an amount of 8-10 hours a day, and no way I could do it without suffering from fatigue if it wasn't for this.

Photo of bass player Xavier Padilla

Xavier Padilla

Former Bassist for the Gipsy Kings

Nothing in the world comes closer to the comfort you want when you’re playing the bass.