About Us

Torzal Guitars produces the Natural Twist, the world’s most ergonomic electric bass guitar, as well as a full line of custom electric and bass guitars. All of our guitars are Made in the USA by hand, right here in Austin, TX from one of the most skilled custom bass guitar builders in the world.

Our Story

Torzal Guitars grew from the vision and dedication of Jerome Little, the inventor of the Natural Twist.

As a bass player and luthier, Jerome Little loved the design and versatility of the electric bass, the breakthrough instrument first popularized by Leo Fender in the 1950s. But he also saw that there was a way to make a great thing even better, a way to adapt the bass to better fit the particulars of human anatomy. From this fundamental insight, Torzal Guitars was born.

Jerome built the first Torzal ergonomic bass while he was still in college, supported by a grant from a foundation dedicated to funding invention and innovation. For a first effort, it was an extraordinary success. The bass’s design was quickly recognized as a groundbreaking accomplishment, and the Torzal was included in a special exhibition of new musical instruments at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History.

Bass players also took notice, and before long Jerome was receiving orders from musicians around the world who wanted to experience the Torzal for themselves. A glowing review in Bass Guitar Magazine by the “Bass Whisperer” Ed Friedland boosted the instrument’s popularity even more and confirmed what enthusiasts already knew…

The Torzal Natural Twist Bass is considered by many to be the world’s most ergonomic bass guitar.